Gazeebo's & Garden Marquee's

Ever wanted to have  family & friends round to the house? but you dont have the room, then these Party Gazeebo's are just what your looking for, They can be used for small or large family gatherings, parties & bbq.They can be erected and de assembled in minutes, and make no mess to your proud lawn. They are supplied with side panels just incase the weather doesn't agree with your plans,  and if you and guest get to hot, they can be removed in seconds.

 The garden marquees can be used for a number of uses.

Extend your dinning room by erecting a garden marquee to the side of your house, dressed with some tables & chairs, Polished cutlery & sparkling glasses to create a fantastic & elegant dinning room, or keep them simple with trestle tables for buffets & BBQ's or even for a kids party.



3mtr x 3mtr Pop up Gazeebo £30.00

 8mtr x 4mtr Garden Marquee

£360 Delivered

£420 Erected